Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Camping

Because mine and Mike's birthday are just one day apart we try to get both days off and do something together.  This year we went camping to Measow Lake and had a fabulous time.  Here are some pictures to show how much fun we had.

beautiful meadow lake in the morning
daddy fishing with Clara
Clara and grandpa caught 2 fish at one time.

So cute

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So we went to have the ultra sound this morning. The tech was really nice and did a great job. 
She told us what ever picture was of.  The baby is growing nicely.  The due date has changed to Nov 25th, which is thanksgiving this year.  The Tech looked 3 or 4 times and is definately sure that we are having a girl.  Yep another girl.  We are gonna have drama city at our house.  I hope she has more of Clara's temperment, than Carlie's.  Carlie is way more emotionally and intense.  We are way exited and daddy loves his girls.  We just have to try and find a name cause we haven't picked on out yet.  We have one for a boy, that will just have to wait til later. 

Monday, July 5, 2010


Well I am sorry that it has been forever since I have written.  As most of you can tell I don't like to Blog.  I just don't know what to say most of the time or I just don't have the time to say it.  Just to catch you up.  My pregnancy is doing great.  I felt the baby kick for the first time last night and am so excited.  It is starting to feel real to me.  My belly is definately poking out there.  The girls are non stop talkers especially in Sacrament meeting.  They like to point out who is there and what their name is.  And Carlie likes to add after being asked to be quiet, "  I not want to be quiet, I want to talk".   Mike is busy trying to finish up this semester of school, just a few more weeks, then a break until January.  We have gone camping once this summer so far, but are planning another trip this weekend.  Well I hope this has brought you up to speed cause I am not sure when I will post again. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So we found out today that we are having 1 baby.  We are very excited to not only be having a baby but to be having just 1.  The girls are so excited.  They pat my belly and say hi to the baby all the time.  They are so cute.  They keep saying that it is a boy.  We will have to wait and see.  Anyways we are just so grateful to our Heavenly Father for all of the many blessings that we receive constantly.

Friday, April 16, 2010


So I signed up the girls for swim lessons this April and they love it.  It is called Shrimp classes.  Because the girls are under 3 years old, it is a class for parents and kids.  It helps and teaches us and them the basics like kicking, laying on their backs, blowing bubbles, and going under the water.  I am so proud of my girls, they absolutely love the water and are doing so good with their teacher.  We go twice a week for 30 minutes for 4 weeks.  The first week we were taught how to get them to jump in the water to us and how to support their head so they will trust us to lay on their backs.  They have since had life jackets on and blown bubbles with their mouth and just last night they let us dunk their heads under the water 3 times.  I was so proud of them.  They cry when we have to get out.  Daddy has been able to come to all of the classes except the first, which Grandma Hancock filled in  (What would I do without my mother).  Anyways again I am so proud of my big girls and how cute they are when they play in the water.    

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter coloring eggs

The girls were so excited to color their eggs.  Here they are getting ready to color their own individual eggs.  They had their name on their own egg.  They are so funny about doing stuff.  I have to remember to only tell them things that we are gonna do minutes before we do them or they will talk about it all day and night until we do it.  I made the mistake of telling them about the egg coloring a week before and I never heard the end of it until we were coloring the eggs. 
Here the eggs are bathing

Here is Clara showing me the blue dye that she got all over her hand.  She looks like she is trying to explain some physics to me.

Carlie is trying to get the camera from me, while she is waiting for her egg to bath.

Here is the finished project.  Our wonderful creative side comes forth.  We had a wonderful Easter and were so glad to be able to watch conference and listen to such wonderful inspirational messages that will help guide our lives.  We are so grateful for Atoning sacrifice that our Savior has made for us and that we can celebrate his resurrection.  We are grateful for our testimonies and hope we can do better to share them with others. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So this morning the girls were eating their breakfast and this is what I found when I came around the corner

I had a video, but it wouldn't upload to the blog. So here is the picture that I took girls.  The girls are talking on the phone while they are eating their breakfast.  They were talking to grandma and papa.  They are so adorable.